Filming Permit

How to apply for Filming Permit in Nepal?

First of all, get a licensed local coordinator. Film Crew Nepal is a government authorized local coordinator and a recognized film production house in Nepal. If you are looking for filming in Nepal, FCN Team will assist you with filming permit application, custom clearance and other production support services.

All you need to do is ask FCN Team to provide documents to be filled. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Prepare an Assignment Letter.
  2. Fill the Application Form Provided.
  3. Prepare Overview Synopsis describing the story of the film.
  4. Prepare an Itinerary of filming in Nepal specifying exact dates and locations from the time of arrival to departure.
  5. Make a list of Crew Details with designation and a scan copy of passports of the crew.
  6. If you are bringing in Film Equipment, provide the list with equipment details with value and serial numbers for custom clearance.

Things to know about Filming Permits in Nepal.

National Filming Permits are provided by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Additional permits depending on the kind of the shoot are provided by the Civil Aviation Authority and National Parks/Conservational Areas. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology grants the permission for the shooting of any kind of TV commercials, Travel documentaries, Documentaries, music videos, feature films, and other films.

When a filming permit is granted, a Liaison Officer is appointed by the Ministry of Information and Communications who is sent from the concerned government agencies to monitor as well as to provide support at the shooting locations. A filmmaker should be aware of the fact that filming is not allowed, under any circumstances, without acknowledgement of the Monitoring officer.

How to get the Custom Clearance?

After getting a Film Permit, The Film Development Board of Nepal provides a letter of guarantee for the foreign filmmakers to temporarily import filming equipment without paying the custom duty. The FDB provides the letter of guarantee to the Local Coordinator for the temporary import and export of the film equipments.

List of filming permits in Nepal.

  • National Filming Permit
  • Special Area Filming Permit
  • Drone Permit and License
  • Custom Clearance


License to produce feature films shall remain valid for three years. As regards to other films, the license shall remain valid for only a year.

  1. Ministry of Information and Communications can depute a Liaison officer (Monitoring Officer) during the shooting of the film, and the producer should bear the cost of the Liaison Officer’s ground or air transport, accommodation and daily allowance according to the rules. While shooting in the mountain region, necessary clothes, tools and medical facilities should also be provided which are non-refundable.
  2. The film producer shall make an arrangement for NPR 300,000.00 worth of life insurance for the Liaison officer covering the entire tenure of outdoor shooting.
  3. In case of accidents during the shooting period where the Liaison officer succumbs to injuries, the film producer must bear the cost of his/her medical expenses and a lump sum amount decided by the Compensation Decision Committee formed according to law which will not exceed NPR 200,000.00
  4. The film producer, in case a foreign national, must submit a copy of the film free of cost to the Ministry of Information and Communications.
  5. During the shooting of the film, the presence of Liaison Officer is mandatory.