Finest Line Production

We offer you finest line services for your film production. Our competent team have been managing line production tasks for best clients for their TV production, commercials, PSAs, short or feature length films. We make sure you have relaxing time from pre-production to post-production.

High End Film Production

We offer a comprehensive range of cost effective production services to corporate, independent documentary filmmakers, ad agencies, television channels etc. From creating a brilliant and unique concept through to writing, filming and editing, we can help you get the most out of your video.

Equipment Rentals

We provide you with top-of-the-line gadgets that suits your prodcution essence. Meeting clients expectation by providing latest technologies have been part of our culture. Suitable cameras, lenses, and other accessories can be selected via our equipment rental segment.


The landscape in Nepal can be difficult while traveling for filming. From Helicopters to motorbikes, Film crew Nepal holds access to all types of air and land vehicles. Our film experienced drivers and pilots make sure that the equipment and the crew is safe on road.

Crew & Cast Arrangement

We provide the best internationally experienced film crew in Nepal. Filming crew and interview profiles are best dealt by Film Crew Nepal team with the reputation of providing reliable cast and crew for any type of film making in Nepal. We provide the best film experience  in Nepal.

Location Scouting & Research

We provide detailed research on locations around Nepal. Nepal enriches in all types of location geographically. From plain terrain lands to mountains, filming in Nepal needs proper research and details with ease of transportation access. Film Crew Nepal Team specializes in Location Scout and Research.


From VFX and SFX to Editing suite, Film crew Nepal provides assistance to all the post production requirements. Film Crew Nepal team has the best sound designers and engineers working together to provide the best services to their clients.

Multi-Camera Live-Stream

Live streaming today is the ability to affordably broadcast events to specific audiences. Film Crew Nepal specializes in providing multi-cam setup to any parts of the country.

Translation & Transcription

Nepal as a multi-ethnic country encompasses multi-lingual diversity. Filming in Nepal is made easier with the help of best Translators in the country speaking multiple foreign languages.